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GEO-LOG 4 is a cloud based solution dedicated to geotechnical data processing and borehole log presentation. With GEO-LOG 4 you have an easy access to your data anywhere at anytime from your connected device.

With GEO-LOG 4, share and exchange your data securely while saving time and productivity.

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File Import

Import of BOR datafiles (open format) recorded by the PocketLIM, MiniLIM & NanoLIM.

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2 Versions Of GEO-LOG 4

✓ DIA: Drilling parameters & Borehole

Logging data.

✓ GEOTECH: Complete version

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Site Management In Real Time

Email reception at desired dates

of contacts.

Preview ⇲

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Accessibility Of The Data Anywhere

✓ Flexible use, each user can access to


✓ Accessibility from any connected

computer, tablet & smartphone,

just need a login and password (multi-plateform application);

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✓ Data transmission

✓ Processing

✓ Reports

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Security Of Data

✓ Access via login and password

✓ Private , separate, secure database

✓ Totally confidential database

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Automatic Data Backup

 ✓ Raw and edited data is automatically backuped

✓ Every data is accessible even if the service is closed

✓ Data is backuped two years by default

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Full Traceability

✓ Reception historic

✓ Realtime notification

✓ GPS tracking (available with both

 PocketLIM and MiniLIM)

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Standard & Customizable Presentation

✓ Fully graphic layout of borehole logs (header and columns)

✓ User friendly online data edition & borehole log templates layout

✓ Generation of PDF borehole logs

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✓ Ergonomic

✓ Intuitive

✓  Always the last upgrade is available

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Quality Support done by the developers themselves

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Respect Of The Standards

Ok with European geotechnical recognition and testing standards

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✓ French

✓ English


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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