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The PressioLIM is a Pressure Volume Controller (PVC) that performs in situ pressuremeter tests in manual mode (adjustement of pressure levels by the operator). It can be used with or without data recorder.

The PressioLIM meets the EN-ISO 22476-4 European standard (L. Menard).

Two versions are available:

 The PressioLIM 50, 0-50 bar (calibrated up to 80 bar).

 The PressioLIM 130, 0-130 bar for High Pressure in situ pressuremeter tests.

For the in situ pressuremeter tests acquisition, the PressioLIM is compatible with PocketLIM 5G and MiniLIM 5G data recorders.

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Manual Version

Display the data without recording

 Dimensions : 620*490*220 mm

 Weight : 23 kg

128 x 64 OLED monochrome digital display

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With Recorder Version

✓ Must be used with a PocketLIM 5G or MiniLIM 5G (PRESSIO or GEOTECH version)

✓ Weight : 24Kg

✓ Automatic data transfer and processing with the Lim@mail and GEO-LOG 4 option.

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Common Specificities

✓ Maximal pressure of use : 130 bar for 

the High Pressure version.

✓ 12-24 volts DC

✓ Drilling parameters option

✓ Front panel in silk-screen printed aluminium

✓ Dimensions : 620*490*220 mm

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Integrated Elements

✓ Adapted and shockproof transport case in propylene copolymer, light material, durable and chemically very resistant

✓ Vertically addaptative tripod​

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Semi-Automatic Mode

✓ Operator pressure stage control

✓ End of test has to be done by the operator


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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