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WQP48: Water Quality

The WQP48 probe provides precise readings of the principal fluid parameters of interest in a hydrogeological or environmental context.

A calibration interface cable, standard solutions and maintenance kit are provided with the probe to ensure performance remains within specifications. The probe calibration routines can be accessed without removing the pressure housing.

Several optional sensors are available, one of which can be factory-installed on the probe if required. These sensors are, however, limited to fresh water operation at pressures not exceeding 100 bar.

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Technical Specifications

  Diameter (sensor cage / tool body): 48 mm / 42 mm

Length : 1 670 mm

Weight : 7.5 kg

Max. operating temperature : 70°C

Max. operating pressure : 150 bar

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Sensors Parameters

Pressure range : 1500 dbar

Temperature range : -1 to 50°C

 Conductivity range : 0 to 70 mS/cm

Dissolved 02 range : 0 to 50 ppm

pH range : 0 to 14

Redox potential range : ±1000 mV

Pressure resolution : 0.03 dbar

Temperature resolution : 0.001°C

Conductivity resolution : 0.001 mS/cm

Dissolved 02 resolution : 0.01 ppm

pH resolution : 0.001

Redox potential resolution : 0.1 mV

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Options Et Accessoires

Additional sensors available : Nitrate, Ammonia, Chloride Sulphide, Iodide, Copper

✓ Bowspring centralisers

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Conditions de Forage

Fluid-filled borehole

Open or cased borehole


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