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Since 1985 LIM has been recognized internationally as a specialist in instrumentation and measurement, whether during or after  drilling (drilling instrumentation and borehole logging).

From the beginning, technological innovation has been an integral part of the LIM group's DNA.

In terms of INSTRUMENTATION which is its core historical business, LIM SAS offers a wide range of data loggers whether for drilling parameters, in-situ geotechnical tests (Pressuremeter, Penetration tests, Lugeon packer tests) and special foundations processes such as low pressure grouting, jet grouting, bored piles, ...

LIM SAS recently completed its range of data loggers with equipment allowing borehole deviation measurement and high precision GPS navigation (RTK) for drilling rigs.

Thanks to its GEO-LOG 4 cloud based sofware, LIM offers a solution that automatically transfers and preprocesses data recorded on site.

In terms of geophysical BOREHOLE LOGGING, LIM LOGGING, which is the result of the acquisition by LIM of Electromind in 2017, now offers a very complete range of logging probes.

At the international reputation level, the OPTV and BHTV televiewers from LIM LOGGING are unanimously considered to be the benchmark products on the market.

It is a drill machine equipped with our PocketLIM used to record drilling parameters.


Année de création

> 150


> 5 000

Nombre d'équipements vendus
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