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High Accuracy GNSS (GPS) guidance of the drill rig
Positioning the drill slide
Recording drilling parameters
Data processing
Real-time monitoring of drilling machines and their operators
Borehole Deviation Control

NaviLIM is a PocketLIM application which allows the operator to position with very high precision (<5cm) the drilling tool at the planned location of the hole to be drilled, whether the latter is vertical or inclined (angle precision <0, 15 °).

The PocketLIM Drill & Blast version assists in the positioning of the drilling mast and records the drilling parameters in real time vs the depth.

LIM@mail is a web application which contributes to the downloading via wifi, GPRS 4G or USB of the recorded data files with automatic preprocessing of the latter.

GEO-LOG 4 in the cloud allows the interpretation of results and the layout of reports.

Drill@LIM is a web application that informs in real time about:

- geolocation of drills;

- monitoring of drilling machines (machine parameters, engine


- monitoring of drilling operators;

- production statistics.

The DeviaLIM measurement system, with the help of a probe, surveys the boreholes after drilling (azimuth and inclination measurements).

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Photo of a mine in Russia
Photo d'une mine

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