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Recording of drilling parameters
Grouting pumps control (low pressure)
Recording of grouting parameters: Flow/Volume/Pressure of the grout
Jet-Grouting: Jet-grouting phase control and recording of parameters

Auger cast piles: Drilling and concreting phases parameters recording
Remote data download with automatic processing
Layout of drilling data report

The PocketLIM Drilling version records the drilling parameters in real time as a function of the depth. The drilling parameters are used for reconnaissance but also for the detection of cavities and anomalies in the subsoil as well as for the control of anchors and micropiles. In underground works, the drilling parameters are used to recognize the progress of the tunnel boring machine and optimize the blasting in the case of traditional method.

The PocketLIM Grouting version monitores in real time the injection of grout (low pressure) into the soil by controlling the grouting presses and recording the Flow / Volume / Pressure parameters as a function of time for 1 to 4 grouting lines. Case study 

The PocketLIM Jet version controls and monitores the jet-grouting columns placement by recording the parameters of both, the drilling (descent) and jet (ascent) phases. It also performs the automatic ascent control (jet phase). Case study

The PocketLIM CFA version controls and monitores the auger cast piles placement by recording the parameters of both, the drilling (descent) and concreting (ascent) phases.

Other foundation processes can also be handled by PocketLIM and MiniLIM.

LIM @ mail is a web application which transmits recorded data files with automatic preprocessing of the latter.

GEO-LOG 4 in the cloud processes recorded data and formats reports.


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LIM solution for Foundations: GALLERY

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