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Mineral, Geological, Hydrogeological, Geotechnical Explorations
During drilling:
Recording of drilling parameters vs depth (M.W.D.)
Processing of recorded data

After drilling:
Optical and acoustic borehole imaging
Delayed, nuclear, electrical, sonic, hydraulic logging, borehole geometry

During drilling :

The PocketLIM Drilling version records the drilling parameters in real time as a function of the depth. This method makes it possible to differentiate the geological layers and to target desired geological levels.

The data files are uploaded to the cloud and automatically preprocessed with the LIM @ mail web application.

The interpretation of the results and the layout of the reports are carried out with GEO-LOG 4.

After drilling :

Borehole imaging is a technique that is carried out with dedicated logging probes, in an uncased borehole to capture an “image” of the walls of the hole allowing, after processing this information, to have elements concerning the geology, lithology and / or the drilled through discontinuities.

Optical imaging (OPTV probe) is performed in a borehole that is

clean, dry or filled with clear water. It makes it possible to have a

complete in-situ visual assessment of the borehole wall and to

provide a structural model after processing.

Acoustic imaging (BHTV probe) applies to boreholes filled with

turbid fluid. It produces two images, the image of the transit times to

determine the drilling profile and the image of the amplitude of the

acoustic reflection in relation to the hardness of the rock.

Borehole logging is a technique which measures, using different probes, the characteristics of the drilled through grounds.

Nuclear probes:

GR38 & GR25 - Natural Gamma

GRT38 - Natural Gamma + Temperature

GRS42 & GRS60 - Spectral-Gamma

TRS38G - Double Density

DTN38 - Dual Neutron

PDGC50 - Photoelectric Density

UEP48 - Uranium Exploration

Electrical probes:

ELG46 - Resistivity-SP

EM25 & DIL 38 - Single and Double Induction

GUIP38 - Focused Resistivity

IP38 - Induced Polarization

MAG45 - Magnetic Susceptibility

Sonic probes:

FWS603x & FWS604x - Fullwave sonic 3 & 4 receivers

Hydraulic probes:

FTC60 - Temperature/Conductivity/Flowrate

WQP48 - Water quality

Borehole geometry probes:

BDV42 - Borehole Deviation

3AC38 - 3 arms caliper

4AC60 - 4 arms caliper

The data is visualized and recorded on the surface with the eMindLogger;

The probes are connected by cable to the surface via logging winches.

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Un enregistreur de paramètres de forage PocketLIM 6g.
Chantier de Logging dans une forêt.
Un treuil de logging WinchLIM 150

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