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Ménard pressuremeters (PVC), manual and automatic modes
Recording of drilling parameters vs depth (M.W.D.)
Acquisition of pressuremeter tests
Acquisition of dynamic penetration tests

Acquisition of Lugeon water tests
Remote Download and Automatic Data Processing
Examination of the L.Ménard pressuremeter test
Custom layout of boreholes logs

The PressioLIM and PressioLIM Auto (PVC) monitore the performance of the Menard pressuremeter tests in conventional (increase in pressure stages manually) or automatic (increase in pressure stages controlled by the PocketLIM via solenoid valves) mode. The two PVCs are available in standard and High Pressure versions for carrying out tests up to 130 bar.

The PocketLIM Pressio version controls the Menard pressuremeter test with the PressioLIM AUTO and acquires pressuremeter, pressure / volume data (PressioLIM and PressioLIM AUTO).

The PocketLIM Drilling version records the drilling parameters in real time vs the depth.

The Geotech version PocketLIM combines the Pressio and Drilling versions.

The MiniLIM Penetro version  is a dynamic probing data acquisition system .

The PocketLIM Lugeon version records the pressure, flow rate and volume of water vs time every 1, 2, 4 or 8 seconds while performing the LUGEON water test (packer test).

LIM @ mail is a web application which transmits recorded data files with automatic preprocessing of the latter.

GEO-LOG 4 in the cloud performs the analysis of the Menard pressuremeter tests according to the EN-ISO 22476-4 standard and allows the layout of the borehole logs with lithological interpretation.


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Our PocketLIM on a drilling rig
A pressuremeter report

LIM solution for Site investigation: GALLERY

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