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DTN38: Dual Thermal Neutron

The standard DTN38 probe provides long-(LSN) and short-spaced(SSN) 4π thermal neutron measurements.

Since the probe reacts strongly to hydrogen content, the principal application of this method is for formation water content (porosity) measurement. As an option (highly recommended), the probe can be supplied with a natural gamma detector to permit the influence of clay content on the results to be evaluated.

Useful when the probe is deployed for through-tubing oil/water/air contact measurements, a casing collar locator (CCL) detector is also available as a factory-fitted option for this probe.

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dtn38 illustration



Technical Specifications

Diameter : 38 mm

Length : 2330 mm

Weight : 12 Kg

 Max. Temp : 70°C

Max. Pressure : 200 bar


Sensors Parameters

Thermal neutron detectors : 25x200mm He³tube(4 bar)

Source – detector spacings : 24 cm (SSN), 48 cm (LSN)

Source type : Am/Be (mean energy 4MeV)

Recommended source activity : 37 GBq (1 Ci)


Options And Accessories

Source holder

Source transport container

Natural gamma detector : ø25 x 50mm NaI(Tl) crystal

CCL detector


Borehole Conditions

Fluid-filled borehole recommended

Open or cased borehole

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