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ELG46: Electric Logging

This probe represents the latest generation of fully digital, high precision electric logging probes. As standard, the ELG46 probe provides long (64") and short (16") normal resistivity, single-point resistance (SPR) and self-potential (SP) data.


As an option, the probe can be supplied with a natural gamma detector to provide additional lithological information or for horizon correlation purposes. Widely employed in the domain of groundwater resources exploration and evaluation, the probe is suitable for use in formations having resistivities comprised between 10 and 25 000 Ω·m.

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Schéma de la sonde ELG46



Technical Specifications

Diameter : 46 mm

Power supply : 70 to 100 VDC

Max. Temp / Pressure : 70°C / 200 bar


Sensors Parameters

Resistivity injection signal : 200 Hz sine wave with ALC

Resistivity measuring range : 0 to 25 kΩ·m (16-bit)

Resistivity resolution : 0.4 Ω·m

SP measuring range : ± 1 500 mV

SP resolution : 0.05 mV


Options And Accessories

Gamma ray sensor: ø25 x 50 mm NaI(Tl) crystal

Calibration box


Borehole Conditions


Open borehole


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