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FWS60: Fullwave Sonic 

The advantage of the FWS60 tool is that it digitises and transmits to the surface the full sonic waveform arriving at each receiver during a user-configurable sampling window. For each receiver the user can choose one of three sampling periods to optimise the acquisition according to the application and/or formation characteristics.

The sonic waveform data provided by the FWS60 has many applications: these include the determination of formation mechanical properties, fracture analysis, permeability and porosity estimation and cement bond assessment.

According to customer preference, the probe can be supplied with three (version 3RX) or four (version 4RX) receivers.

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Full wave Sonic  probe head


Capture d’écran 2020-11-02 à 14.27.41.

Technical Specifications

Diameter : 42 mm / 60 mm

Length : 3420 mm with 1 TX & 3 RX

350 mm less on all configurations (without gamma ray sensor)

 Weight : 21.0 Kg for 3420 mm version

✓ Max. Temp / Pressure : 70°C/200 bar

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Sensors Parameters

Signal frequency : 12 – 15 KHz

Acquisition : 16 Bit / 96 dB dynamic

Sampling : 256 – 512 – 1024 at 4μsec (250.000/sec)

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Options And Accessories

Gamma ray sensor: ø25 x 50 mm NaI(Tl) crystal

Bowspring centralisers

Supplementary sinker weight

Transport case


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