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PDS: Probe Deployment System

The PDS allows OPTV and BHTV imaging probes and certain other types of probe to be deployed in steeply inclined, horizontal or up-holes, where assistance from a drilling machine is required. It has been successfully used in boreholes exceeding 400 m in length.

The main housing containing the probe is manufactured from aluminium and the standard kit includes 2 x 2 m aluminium rods to allow imaging probes to operate in non magnetically disturbed conditions. A variety of nose cones, adapted to different types of probe, and housing centraliser blades for boreholes of up to 150 mm diameter can be supplied.

Behind the housing the logging cable runs along the outside of the drill rods (AQ or BQ recommended). The drill rod adapter incorporates a centraliser to support the weight of the drill string.

A precise depth measurement is obtained using the lateral movement of the drilling machine’s drive head.

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PDS20 probe diagram



Technical Specification

✓ Diameter : 75 mm (excluding centralisers)

Weight: varies according to configuration.

Length : 6850 mm (typical configuration for BHTV42 including 2 x 2 m non-magnetic rods)


Sensors Parameters

Depth measurement: auto-return steel cable system, 50 cm wheel with optical encoder 5v/750 ppr


Borehole Conditions

Borehole diameter: HQ (96 mm) and above.

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