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TRS38G: Trisonde (Density)

The TRS38G probe provides long-spaced (LSD) and high-resolution (HRD) 4π global density measurements, based on the Compton scattering principle, as well as a natural gamma log.

This probe is intended for use in open and cased-hole conditions where a focussed sidewall density probe can not be deployed, or where calibrated results in g/cm3 are not necessary. It is widely used in the geotechnical sector where boreholes are drilled for reconnaissance, diagnostic or remedial works.

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trs38g illustration



Technical Specifications

Diameter : 38 mm

Length : 2330 mm

Weight : 12 Kg (include source holder)

Max. Temp : 70°C

Max. Pressure : 200 bar


Sensors Parameters

Density/nat. gamma detectors : ø25 x 50 mm NaI(Tl) crystal

Source – detector spacings : 24 cm (HRD), 48 cm (LSD)

Source type : Cs-137 ( energy 660 keV)

Recommended source activity : 3.7 GBq (100 mCi)


Options And Accessories

Source holder

Source transport container


Borehole Conditions

Dry or fluid-filled borehole

Open or cased borehole

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