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UEP42: Uranium Exploration

The UEP42 probe provides a set of data parameters responding perfectly to the needs of both uranium exploration and in-mine grade control. The probe is equipped with two complementary high and low sensitivity gamma radioactivity sensors to allow reliable results to be obtained over a wide range of uranium concentration values.

In addition, the probe provides borehole inclination and azimuth, as well as a focussed resistivity / chargeability measurement for the detection and evaluation of alteration zones.

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UEP42 probe diagram



Technical Specifications

Diameter : 42 mm

✓ Length : 2260 mm

Weight : 11 Kg

Max. Temp : 70°C

Max Temp / Pressure : 70°C / 200 bar


Sensors Parameters

Gamma detector #1 : ø25 x 50 mm NaI(Tl) crystal

Gamma detector #2 : dual ZP1200 G-M tubes

B/h inclination range/accuracy :0 to 180° / ± 0.5°

B/h azimuth range/accuracy : 0 to 360° / ± 1°

Resistivity injection signal : 200 Hz sine wave with ALC

0 to 25 kΩ·m (16-bit)


Options And Accessories

Pre-delivery calibration : for Uppm

Resistivity calibration box


Borehole Condition

Dry or fluid-filled borehole : Resistivity in fluid-filled b/h onlyDry or fluid-filled borehole : Resistivity in fluid-filled b/h only

 Cased or open borehole : Open b/h required for resistivity

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