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FTC60: Temperature/Conductivity/Flowmeter

The FTC60 probe provides precise readings of the temperature, electrical conductivity and flow speed of the fluid contained in the borehole. Its main applications are in obtaining groundwater quality and production data in hydrogeological or pollution studies, either on a single or multi-well regional basis. Another possible application is the detection of setting cement by means of the heat given off during this process; for example in a borehole after casing installation and grouting or in quality control of cement piling works.

The lightweight impeller and low friction bearing assembly permit this probe to react almost instantly to any vertical movement within the fluid column of a well or borehole.

The direction of flow relative to the probe can be determined from the sense of rotation of the impeller.

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The FTC60 probe with Flowmeter



Technical Specifications

Diameter : 60 mm (impeller cage) & 38 mm body

Length : 1220 mm

Weight : 5.50 Kg

Max. Temp / Pressure : 70°C / 200 bar


Sensors Parameters

Temperature resolution : 0.001 °C

Conductivity resolution : 1 μSiemens

Flow speed resoluyion : 1 m/min

Temperature accuracy : 0.1 °C (linked to calibration instruments)

Conductivity accuracy: 10 μSiemens

Flow Speed accuracy: 1 m/min


Options And Accessories

Gamma ray sensor: ø25 x 50 mm NaI(Tl) crystal

Transport case

Bowspring centralisers

Centraliser collar

Supplementary sinker weight


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